KOMBOID - The new skill bouncing game.

Wrist twisting Bounce Cube

KOMBOID - a new cool skill game which has many benefits. Twist your wrist to bounce the ball on all five sides of the cube. It may be used for fun, fitness, improving motor skills, relieving stress, sharpening focus & improving concentration and coordination. Outdoor or indoor gift for teen fun. Best presents for kid age from 9yr, 10 yr, 11 years olds to teenager and adult.

Twist your wrist to bounce the ball on all five sides in a combo

SKILL LEVELS EASY TO EXPERT - Start by bouncing the ball on the red (top) side. Then twist your wrist 90 degrees to bounce the ball on the yellow and green sides. Now combo – red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green etc. Advanced – use the purple and blue sides. KOMBOID makes a great present for Birthdays, Christmas etc. May be used indoors or outdoors.

FITNESS and SELF IMPROVEMENT – KOMBOID is a great sports exercise idea for adults and kids. Bounce the ball on all five sides of the cube in a combo. KOMBOID can help improve focus, relieve stress & anxiety, play, weight loss and improve balance & endurance. It can be included as part of a workout in a similar way to skipping, yoga or hula hoop exercises. Multiple combos and skills available, which are included on the instructions.

INCLUDES PARTY GAME CARDS – Match the combo to the cards dealt, 2-4 players.

Looking for teenage gift ideas and older – KOMBOID is one of the best gadgets for fun and outdoors or indoors excercise. Comes with challenge sheet and playing cards. Spare balls available.

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